Public Service

Public Service

As the fast development of modern city, there are more intelligent demand on city public service.Intelligent city is to make use of advanced information technology to realize intelligent management and operation of city through intelligent interconnection of data, including all aspects of the city, including education, electricity supply, transportation, water supply and etc. And Handheld-Wireless mobile terminal can well combine with various pubile service systerm and offer convenient and efficient service.

Public Service


1. Remote data reading quickly.

2. High efficiecy,portable for Management.

3. Interconnection of data,fully automated data processing.

4. Suitable for water/power inspection,ticketing/asset/examination and so on management.


WIth medical handheld PDA and barcode, The doctors and nurses can accurately identify a patient and gain instant access to that patient’s mdeical information during healthcare process,lighten working intensity, improve working efficiency and reduce error rate.

Post time: Apr-06-2022